A New York Reader Worries About Who Obama Will Pardon When He Leaves Office
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03/16/10 - On St. Patrick's Day, An Irish Reader Reminds His Countrymen That Not All Irish Are For "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"

From: Harry Lee (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A New York Lawyer Sees Signs That Gov. David Paterson Will Throw In The Towel

Letter writer Peter Castiglione is correct that Governor David Paterson's pardon of Chinese illegal alien stick-up artist Qing Ho Wu is disgraceful.

But what will Obama do when he leaves office? Every jailed alien, anarchist, crook, terrorist and murderer will be set free.

Who knows? If Obama doesn't get his health care or "comprehensive" immigration reforms, he may just be angry enough to declare an amnesty by executive order.

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