Agriprocessors` Rubashkin Is "A Disgrace"
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03/14/10 - An Illinois Reader Doesn't Understand Why Whites Tolerate Abuses Piled On Them

From: Dick Kryhoski (e-mail him)

Re: The Fulford File: Why Did Obama Administration Drop Immigration Charges Against Agriprocessors' Rubashkin?

Obama is a disgrace.

Sholom Rubashkin openly and knowingly defied federal immigration law when he employed thousands of aliens from Mexico and Guatemala in his greedy efforts.

His criminal abuse of illegal aliens is another example of how lax immigration enforcement hurts American workers. Once in Iowa, jobs in the meatpacking industry were coveted by middle class Americans.

A note of good news: the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Rubashkin bail.

That's a good thing because would have skipped the country and fled to Israel.

In the meantime, Milton Balkany, Sholom's brother-in-law, was arrested last month in New York for allegedly scheming to extort a Connecticut hedge fund out of $4 million. (Rubashkin Bail Appeal Denied, Brother-in- Law Arrested, by Lydia Waddington, Iowa Independent, February 19, 2010)

Both Rubashkin and Balkany deserve 100 years behind bars without a chance of parole.

Kryhoski's previous letters about Dianne Feinstein, the HUD cover up of illegal immigration's role in the mortgage crisis and New York Times' bias are here, here and here.

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