NJ Financial Analyst Asks: With Unemployment At 10%, What Is Labor Secretary Solis Doing In Honduras?
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From: Lou Ward (e-mail him)

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Blog: October Jobs: Even Worse Than The Headlines—Immigration Moratorium Now

To prove how little President Barack Obama cares about the 10.2 percent unemployment rate, consider that last week he sent Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis to Honduras to oversee the "Verification Commission" to resolve that country's political crisis.

As if any unemployed American gives a hoot about what's going on in Tegucigalpa!

In a sane world, Solis (who one assumes would play a pivotal role in an employment recovery) and Obama would be working hand in hand to fulfill his campaign promise to create 3-5 million new jobs.

Solis, who got her appointment only because Obama perceives that she can lure Hispanic voters, is a throughly unqualified Cabinet member.

Sending Solis to Honduras at this critical juncture for American workers reinforces how callous Obama is on employment.

Ward is a credit analyst at a major New York-based financial institution that was, until recently, held in high regard. His previous letter about the NAACP's surprising support of free speech is here.

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