On Veteran's Day, A VA Reader Reflects On Major Hasan
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From: James Smith (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Blog: Did Affirmative Action Stop Army Stopping Fort Hood Shooter

Brimelow cited former military officer Duncan Hengest who wrote that the Equal Opportunity Office no doubt interfered with a former military officer weeding out Hasan.

If anything, Hengest understates the problem of getting rid of diverse troublemakers.

Let's face it. No one wanted to admit that this Muslim officer might be a terrorist or a radical. Everyone was too politically correct to state out loud what they instinctively knew. Now 13 innocent people are dead and more than 30 injured.

Consider this: signs at train and subway stations warn passengers that: "if you see something, say something."

Apparently good advice for civilians, but not for senior military bureaucrats.

Smith is an American history graduate student at a major southern university.

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