A Reader Is Not Impressed By Anti-Trump Demos—Or Mexican Cheap Labor
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Re: Allan Wall’s article   SAID IN SPANISH: Mexicans Continue To Bash Trump, Meddle In The U.S.—But They’re Also Preparing For Deportees

From: An American Reader [Email him]

Allan Wall writes:

"Gabriela Torres, one of the demonstrators, was quoted saying the goal was 'to send a message to the President of the United States that we are angry, that we have been insulted, that he is abusive and shows no respect.' “
That's funny.  Shows no respect? Yeah, how about all those disrespecting our laws and sovereignty by illegally entering the country?

I talk with many  friends   in the construction industry who are fed up with having to compete with cheap labor who for the most part aren't very good at what they do.  I just spent another $600 to repair the work that some incompetent Mexican workers did to my bathroom remodel.  I learned after talking candidly with a supervisor who told me they didn't use E-Verify because they preferred to use cheaper illegal alien labor and could fire them at will and not pay them.

I wish I could have taped the conversation and then reported it to ICE.

Oh well my repairs are so much better now that I have a competent American to do the work!


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