Jared Taylor Writes On State Crime Levels
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Re: Paul Gottfried’s article Libertarian Steve Chapman: Mississippi Has More Crime Than Vermont Because Of Excessive Bible Reading!

From: Jared Taylor [Email him]

All the information you need on state levels of crime is at this website:


Click on the state in the right-hand column, and scroll down, and you will find crime rates per 100,000 population as well as rankings like the following (high numbers mean  lower  crime rates).[DisasterCenter.com uses a system in which “1 = the highest reported crime rate and 51 = the lowest”.]


Maine Crime Rates


Vermont Crime Rates

West Virginia

West Virginia Crime Rates


I have chosen these states because they are overwhelmingly white. I don't know where Chapman manages to find crime rates only for whites in certain states. I suspect that any figures he finds for "whites" also include Hispanics.

FYI, West Virginia in 2010 had per 100,000 rates for the following crimes:

Murder: 3.3, Rape 19.1, Robbery 44.7

For Vermont:

Murder: 1.1, Rape 21.1, Robbery 11.8

For Maine:

Murder: 1.8, Rape: 29.3, Robbery: 31.2.

In West Virginia there is not much rape but more murder per capita than in Vermont or Maine.

Jared Taylor is editor of American Renaissance, which is holding a conference on March 16-18 this year near  Nashville, Tennessee.

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