A San Francisco Reader Wants To Know Where She Can Get Ron Paul’s Famous Letters
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item Ron Paul Letters—The Atlantic's Megan McArdle and Lawrence Auster Agree

From: Marcy Fleming [Email her]

Where can I buy the Ron Paul Newsletters?

They sound GREAT! I know for a fact that Lew Rockwell wrote them and I want them all for great reading.

Do you know where I can get them? I'm willing to pay. Thanks.

James Fulford writes: Actually, I don't know where you can find a set of paper originals (assuming you're serious) except in a couple of libraries, at University of Kansas and the Wisconsin Historical Society,  which is where James Kirchick found them. What you can do is download PDFS of them various places. James Kirchick put some here in his TNR smear job: TNR Exclusive: More Selections From Ron Paul’s Newsletters.

It's fascinating to see how far out of context some of these quotes are taken.



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