Hugh McInnish Reports That Americans Are Doing Work "Americans Won't Do"
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12/04/06 - A Pennsylvania Reader Says A Mexican Alien Has Terrorized Her Community

Hugh McInnish [send him mail] writes from Alabama:

The morning paper brings an interesting report from Stillmore, Georgia. The town is a small dot on the map, but large enough, in the opinion of the Associated Press, to be the source of an illegal immigration story. [Felons, homeless men fill poultry plant jobs, November 26, 2006]

Crider Poultry [send them mail] has a plant in Stillmore, and in a town with a population given as 515 in the atlas I consulted, employed 1,000. But that latter figure was before the immigration feds raided the place. [VDARE.COM note: See reader reactions from September.] Now they are operating with 450.

Of the 1,000 workers employed before the raid, federal immigration officials estimated that 700 were using false identification. As the investigation began, some were fired, some fled to Mexico, some are reported to have gone to Kentucky. Finally, federal officials raided the plant and "rounded up" 120 illegals. The AP does not tell us what happened to the illegals after they were rounded up.

But clearly this commendable federal activity has had its effect. Stillmore's Mexican population "has plummeted," and two landlords who rented to Mexicans have put their property up for sale.

Through it all the Crider plant, presumably now with 100 percent legal workers, is still operating, although undoubtedly at a reduced capacity. Adjusting to the new lawful environment, Crider has adopted several remedies for their labor shortage. They are bussing in convicts on probation, employing persons from a homeless shelter, and outsourcing some of their work. Though not mentioned in the story, surely they have implemented labor-saving strategies.

Oh, and they have done something else. They have raised wages in order to attract legal Americans who will do work we've been told "Americans won't do."

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