A Southern Reader Wonders When Illegals Became "Disenfranchised"
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12/05/06 - Hugh McInnish Reports That Americans Are Doing Work "Americans Won't Do"

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Re: This Season's Immigration Books: Brimelow Speaks!

Nice piece. The last paragraph was amusing about the perversion of language. It reminded me of something I got awhile back from a newly-chartered Interpreter/Translator University Department that recently formed in Charleston, SC.

One of the bigshots was effusively blabbering about how necessary and noble this academic endeavor would be. He said something like: "We will be the indispensable voice for all these 'disenfranchised' people."  

I thought one had to be franchised. or franchisable pursuant to law, and then illicitly prevented or discouraged from exercising the rights of the franchise, before the term "disenfranchised" could be put on the table. 
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