Florida Libertarian Candidate Augustus Sol Invictus Writes To Clarify His Position On Open Borders
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's blog post  The REAL Problem With Goat-Sacrificing Libertarian Candidate “Augustus Sol Invictus”–He’s Too Pro-Establishment on Immigration

From: Augustus Sol Invictus [Email him]

Thank you very much for the opportunity to respond to James Kirkpatrick’s  article of October 6, 2015. The main criticism—and the most important—is of my position on immigration. You have quoted my website:

One of the classical visions of America is that of a melting pot in which anyone willing to work can find wealth and opportunity. Unfortunately, this vision has gradually been chipped away by restrictions on immigration and naturalization. American citizenship remains highly desirable, but immigrants today are left with no choice but to enter the country illegally—which often results in immigrants forming insular communities and failing to fully integrate. We would support policies that streamline the process of immigration and naturalization so that immigrants who wish to integrate and work in America can do so with ease. [Focal points, (Archived page) Invictus for Senate, October 6, 2015]
This has been interpreted by some to mean that I am of the left-leaning faction of the Libertarian Party that believes in open borders. And considering the fact that I have not clarified this on my website, I accept that this interpretation is my own failing. I have done many interviews since your article was posted that I believe might help to clarify my position, the most important of which was with Lana Lokteff of Red Ice Radio . I am happy to be able to clarify further now.

The greatest weapon the Left has in the immigration debate is the correct criticism that our immigration system is broken. The red tape, the infinite paperwork, the labyrinthine bureaucracy, all really do prevent those seeking legitimate immigration from doing so. If we were to create a coherent immigration process—even one with severe restrictions on who is allowed into the country—it would take away the Left’s most potent weapon. As both Guevara and Goebbels have noted, the most effective propaganda is based in truth; and those on the Left speak the truth when they point out the failings of our immigration system.

Though I am certainly allied with White Nationalists, I am not one myself. And though I support immigration restrictions and am one-hundred percent opposed to mass immigration, I am not a nativist, and I do believe that immigration plays a role in the American identity.

That being said, I do not believe in open borders. I do not believe in granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. I do not believe that our State or Federal Governments should provide any assistance to immigrants whatsoever. I do not believe that we have any obligation whatsoever to shelter “refugees” (read, cowards) from ISIS or any other regime. I have spoken publicly and forcefully about the migrant crisis in Europe, most notably in my Letter to the People of Europe, which I believe is the most significant political statement of the campaign to date . I would, therefore, respectfully disagree with the assessment that I am pro-establishment on the issue of immigration.

To be clear: I am a nationalist, but more in terms of culture than of race. I am a member of the House of Invictus, a Floridian, an American, and a Westerner. I fight for my own, and I would expect every man and woman to do the same.

Thank you again for the opportunity to respond. And thank you for pointing out the need to change our language on the website forthwith.


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