A Canadian Reader Reports Muslim Immigrant Violence In Canadian Schools—DELETED By Canadian Media.
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From: A Canadian Reader [Email him]

The Halifax Chronicle Herald  reported on school violence in Nova Scotia by some of the Syrian refugees by that Justin Trudeau has been admitting. Then, when it went viral, they deleted it. See (UPDATE: Chronicle Herald DELETES story) “Muslims rule the world”: Halifax refugee students choke 9-year-old girl using chains, RebelMedia, April 9, 2016.

The Chronicle Herald’s excuse for pulling the story about bullying by Syrian refugees— the wrong people were sharing it online.

"Bullying is a sensitive subject. So is the integration of newcomers, particularly those who have faced challenges, even trauma, on their way here.

Our story was incomplete and insufficiently corroborated, given the serious nature of the allegations.

Readers also rightly pointed out that the headline ‘Parents worried over school kids’ brutality’ was unfortunate. Using the word brutality to describe children, particularly of an identifiable cultural group, is problematic.

Reaction to the story was all over the map, from thoughtful to downright scary.

Many journalists called publishing the story irresponsible. Some parents weighed in on social media on the need for better discipline and more supports to help newcomers in our schools.

Appallingly, anti-Muslim groups with words like ‘crusade’ and ‘jihad’ in their names started sharing the article."

School bullying story needed more work,  The Chronicle Herald, Published April 8, 2016 - 8:01pm Last Updated April 11, 2016 - 9:01pm

James Fulford writes: Their original headline, that they're crying over was ‘Parents worried over school kids’ brutality’. This is already a "Not Reporting Race" headline—parents weren't worried about "school kids" brutality, they were worried about about Syrian kids brutality in Canadian schools. One of the stories they're complaining about was Canada: Muslim migrant children choking, brutalizing non-Muslim students, from, yes, JihadWatch. If  you want to read the whole, original story, it's saved as a PDF here, thanks to Canadian blogger Blazing Cat Fur.
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