Another Reader Disagrees With Kevin Carter About Ron Paul
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From: A Reader

I had missed Kevin Carter's reply to a reader, in which Carter wrote,

"I don't dislike Paul, but I'm not supporting him. The things he talks about aren't going to win him many votes (except maybe from a few rightwing eggheads and John Birch Society members) so I just don't see the point"

Ron Paul is gaining a tremendous following, though it is mostly on the internet  ....still, internet types have been known to vote in elections.

His support consists of a variety of different political viewpoints which have overarching common concerns.

Go to the average web straw poll, and see for yourself what his numbers are (unless it is a poll such as Horserace08, or Pajamas Media, both of which have actually erased his votes).

I differ with Mr. Carter to the extent that I don't think people are quite awake enough about the immigration issue that anyone can be elected solely on that basis.   But Ron Paul has that one, plus the history of having opposed the Iraq invasion from the very start ...not to mention his stance on income tax, which has gained him the support of some visible people.

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