A CA Reader Visits Ellis Island, Finds Resistance To Immigration
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04/12/07 - A Reader On Imus And The Valedictorian

From: Marcellus Armiger [e-mail him]

I just returned from a vacation in New York. While there I went to Ellis Island to see the museum.  In a corridor just to the side of the first floor baggage hall, the National Park Service staff had set up a bulletin board with a question to which guests could respond:

"How should national security concerns affect immigration policy?"

I was pleased at the number of defiant comments posted by visitors. 

Among the written contributions were: "No amnesty!"  "They should come legally like our grandparents did!" and "Stop illegal immigration!" 

I added my words to the board too. Here is what I wrote:

"It's time to recognize that we need no more people. The country has more than enough. Illegal migration must be stopped, period. Legal immigration must also be drastically curtailed."

Give the people the chance to speak and the resistance to the invasion manifests itself.

Armiger is employed by a California State university. His previous letters are here.

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