A Reader Asks "What About Ron Paul?" Kevin Carter Replies
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Re: Immigration Genie Out Of Bottle At CPAC Conference by Kevin Carter

From: Brian Dunaway [email]

As you know, Ron Paul was also at CPAC, and said some vigorous things regarding immigration control (as he always does)—I wonder why Carter made no mention of it? Maybe he's one of the VDARE warmongers?

Brian Dunaway is an old friend of VDARE.COM and fights a heroic email battle against our typos.

Kevin Carter writes:

I got several emails asking me why I didn't mention anything about Ron Paul in my article on immigration at CPAC.

In all honesty, the main reason why I didn't mention Paul was because he didn't speak on Friday when all of the other hopefuls made their pitch. He did give a brief talk the day before, but I wasn't able to take off work so I only got there in time to catch the tail end of it.

I didn't hear much about immigration, but I did hear a lot about his opposition to the United Nations and the Federal Reserve System. I don't dislike Paul, but I'm not supporting him. The things he talks about aren't going to win him many votes (except maybe from a few rightwing eggheads and John Birch Society members) so I just don't see the point.

As for me being a "warmonger," I don't consider myself one. I don't support the current war, but I'm not so obsessed with it that I ignore what I think is the much bigger threat: mass immigration.

It is all very well and good to care about the things that Paul talks about, but I think patriots need to put their priorities in order. This country has survived many wars and many attacks on civil liberties that have been far worse than anything Bush and his pals have been able to throw at us yet, but it cannot survive mass immigration.

Fifty years from now, Iraq will probably be all but forgotten. But the consequences of immigration will still be around for everyone to see.   

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