An Ohio Reader Says We Should Be Prepared (BEFORE The Election) To Follow Up On Trump's "Day One" Promises
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Re: An Ohio Reader, Still Skeptical Of Trump, Has Some Questions For AFTER The Election

From: An Ohio Reader [Email Him]

artofthedealThere are two main reasons why we should not put off thinking about the questions in my previous letter until Trump is inaugurated next year:

1. They'll take time to answer. We need to have those answers ready, to use as a scorecard on day one of Trump's Presidency. After all, this is the day when Trump has vowed to start deporting illegals, end military gun-free zones, declare China a currency manipulator, etc.

2. Answering these questions now and having answers ready sends a clear message: the people who won Trump the nomination, and many more people who'll win him the Presidency, will not be conveniently forgotten or brushed aside, and won't apologize for him if he fails to live up to our clearly defined expectations.

Another reason is that some of our expectations (e.g. breaking up the Establishment) may require our participation. When that time comes, our actions will have to be purposeful and consistent.

Trump is a negotiator and many of his campaign promises may have been "opening bids." You wouldn't go to a car dealership without first deciding how much you're willing to spend. For the same reason, we shouldn't elect Trump without first deciding how much we're willing to let him compromise on.

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