A Dayton Reader Reports That H-1B Visas Are Now "Controversial" In The MSM
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From: Anonymous in Dayton [Email him] A straw in the wind: H1B visas are now "controversial" in the Main Stream Media.

A little article from a local radio station about a Wright State University trustee resigning. The opening sentence:

"A Wright State University trustee whose business has connections to the university's controversial use of the H-1B visa program has stepped down from the board."

[Wright State trustee resigns, By Josh Sweigart, WHIO.com, March 4, 2016]

The article doesn't in any way clarify whether H1B visas, or protests against H1B visas, had anything to do with the resignation. But the visas, and the companies that use them, have become "controversial" in that journalistic style that hints darkly without quite accusing.
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