An Ohio Reader, Still Skeptical Of Trump, Has Some Questions For AFTER The Election
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Re: An Ohio Reader Suggests That Patriots Be Wary Of “Master Persuader” Trump; Peter Brimelow Replies

A Reader in Ohio [Email him]

artofthedealI think Donald Trump is Carroll O'Connor, not Archie Bunker—but needs to stay in character after he's elected. TV star Carroll O’Connor played a grass-roots conservative in the 1970s sitcom All In The Family, but his real opinions were those of Ted Kennedy.

TV star Donald Trump seems to be playing a conservative Immigration Patriot, but his real opinions are unknown.

Previously I wrote to about Trump's tactics as revealed by Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams. My point then< was that if Trump is leading us off a cliff, we need to have our eyes open so we can see it coming.

In other words, we'd better stay sharp. When Trump is elected (I'm convinced he will be) it will be especially crucial for Immigration Patriots to follow through and hold his feet to the fire because he has a proven history of breaking promises, jettisoning political positions, and getting convenient fits of amnesia

The time to start thinking about how we will hold him accountable is now, not after November 8th. Here are some questions to begin this process:

  • Which campaign promises do we expect Trump to deliver on?
  • What measurements do we expect a Trump presidency to impact, and in what direction do we expect them to move?
  • If Trump doesn't deliver on his promises or move numbers in the way we expect, what excuses will we consider acceptable?
  • What kinds of decisions or positions do we expect from Trump's various nominees and appointees?
  • How do we expect Trump to use the cultural influence that comes with his office?
  • What will be our response to Trump if he disappoints us?
  • if our expectation is that Trump will break up the establishment, what does that look like in practical terms and how do we measure it?
More questions than these are needed, but answering them will give us a game plan.

James Fulford writes: These are good questions to ask, round about Inauguration Day, 2017, but for now, it's enough to know that even Trump isn't 100  percent reliable, all the other candidates are much, much  worse.

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