An Ohio Reader Says The Worst Thing For Mexican-Americans Would Be A Successful Reconquista
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From:  Vincent Gazzara [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Enough Already About The Mexican-American War!

Guzzardi asked:

"Is Gustava and every other Mexican in America better off even though the United States 'stole,' to use their word, the land they now live in? The answer is, overwhelmingly, 'Yes.'" 

Obviously, Guzzardi is correct. The Mexicans do not really want to take back Texas, New Mexico or the Southwest.

Instead, Mexicans want the U.S. to own the territory so they can live here and have us support them with medical and social services and free education through college.

If Aztlan were transferred back to Mexico, it would quickly turn into the same chaotic, corrupt and impoverished Third World disaster from which these desperate Mexicans escape when they come north.

The worst case possible for the Mexican immigrants—legal and illegal—is to have their Southwestern U.S. sanctuary suddenly become the financial and administrative responsibility of the Mexican government.

If Mexican politicians and business leaders knew how to run a prosperous and democratic country, there would not be desperate hordes of their impoverished citizens risking their lives to escape Mexico.

Gazzara is an architectural draftsman.
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