An Irish Reader Has Found Another Writer Not To Believe In
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Re: Pádraic O'Bannon’s article Brat Has Written Playbook To Defeat Goodlatte (Treason Lobby-VA) in 2016

From: Michael Kenny [Email Him]

The blurb on Pádraic O'Bannon’s article says

"Pádraic O'Bannon, a writer and drinker like many of Celtic blood, thinks deep thoughts about politics, culture and religion".
Since no Irishman would allow himself to be used to make a racist insult of this kind, I assume that "Pádraic O'Bannon" doesn't exist. A bit of Googling turns up the name at a site called the Daily Stormer, which is a neo-Nazi site (Der Sturmer was the name of Julius Streicher's newspaper). Is VDare really going down that road?

James Fulford writes: I should start by answering the accusation of Nazism—no one on is contributor to the Daily Stormer, they’ve just copied and pasted our post, as people do all over the web.

I never fail to be amazed at how Michael Kenny applies the “No True Scotsman” fallacy to his fellow Irishmen. Last time he sent us a letter, I wrote that previous more or less insanely skeptical letters from Michael Kenny involved his refusal to believe that Athena Kerry was a real person, that that pseudonymous “Finn MacCool” was really Irish, or that we could possibly have readers in Italy, although he himself was reading us in Luxembourg.

Mostly Kenny, as above, seems to think that no Irishmen will ever say anything even mildly critical of the Irish (which if true, would mean that the Irish were not a “fair people) and also that no Irishman has a sense of humor.

That, and the ludicrous idea that no Irishman ever takes a drink, lead me to suspect that Mr. Kenny does not exist, and his email campaign has been a racist attempt to convince us, against all stereotypes, that Irishmen are humorless drones.


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