A Virginia Reader Says The Border Surge Will Become An Avalanche If Amnesty Passes
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

In the last few months the United States has seen an unprecedented mini “Camp of the Saints” type incursion of illegal immigrants across its southern border. What caused it were illegal decisions by the Obama administration resulting in selective enforcement of immigration laws. However, what has been omitted from the outrage and analysis concerning this situation is its implications for the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation:

The lesson learned (or should have already been known!) is there is a huge population of potential migrants from the less developed nations that will attempt to cross the US border if they perceive the possibility of “amnesty”, or at least non-deportation by the US Government. These migrants understanding of their true legal status may be flawed, but if empirically they know others have made it through the border and are not being deported then it is sufficient enough for them to act.

The magnitude of the publicity for the illegal non-enforcement decisions was initially moderate and grew with time, exacerbated by news of successful incursions and publicity generated by the media in Latin America. However, this will pale in comparison with the media coverage of the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) legislation should it occur.

It will be a veritable “shot heard around the world” and again the technical details of what may constitute a valid claim for amnesty or legalization will be irrelevant to the masses who will then attempt to cross the border. Only this time the potential migrant pool will be exponentially larger.

Empirically, the recent incursions have demonstrated the nation’s border enforcement is weak, and interior immigration enforcement is close to non-existent. In effect, the limited in scope faux-DREAM Act type immigration has overwhelmed our border defenses. Given the much greater volume of migrants generated by the passage of CIR we may witness the horrendous spectacle of the largest surge across the border of illegal immigration in US history. And the nation’s (mostly) treasonous or cowardly leadership will do little to stop it.

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