An Irish Reader Doubts Our Bona Fides, Again
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Re: Anthony Boehm’s Funny Thing: Anti-German Racism In Czech Election Doesn’t Bother U.S. Main Stream Media

From: Michael Kenny [Email him]

Highly amused at “Anthony Boehm.” I assume this is the latest Brimelow scam. Boehm’s byline says “Anthony Boehm [Email him] is a federal civil servant. I wonder what “federation” he is supposed to be a civil servant of. Certainly not Germany (his name isn’t German) and, in any event, a German civil servant would be prohibited by law from publishing such an article.

The same applies, indeed, as far as I know, to a US federal official. And, of course, the whole emphasis is on US media coverage and "Euro-Americans". And let's not forget the witan e-mail address. Funny thing!

Previous more or less insanely skeptical letters from Michael Kenny involved his refusal to believe that Athena Kerry was a real person, that that pseudonymous "Finn MacCool" was really Irish, or that we could possibly have readers in Italy, although he himself was reading us in Luxembourg.

James Fulford writes: Michael Kenny is wrong again—Anthony Boehm is a real civil servant (American) and not in any way forbidden by law to write “such an article.” However, Anthony Boehm, while a fairly typical American name, is not his real name, it’s a pseudonym.

While  civil servants frequently publish articles with a statement saying that the views are those of the author, the amount of political persecution aimed at and friends means that it’s safer to use a pseudonym. I’ll add that [email protected] is the email we use for pseudonymous writers and anonymous readers. If you email them, the email comes to me and I forward it.

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