A Beltway Immigration Patriot Points Out That “Hispanic Conservative” Smears Of Immigration Restrictionists Are Financed By…Sheldon Adelson
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Re: Henry McCulloch’s blog post Rubio Starts Courting Treason Lobby's Funders Early

 From: A Beltway Immigration Patriot [Email him]

It seems Sheldon Adelson is a big funder of Mario H. Lopez’s  group, the Hispanic Leadership Fund,. (He’s the guy running the restrictionists-are-all-baby-killers smear.) See the OpenSecrets page  Organizations Disclosing Donations to Hispanic Leadership Fund Action, 2012.

Adelson Donated $380, 000 in one year


James Fulford writes: The other day, I had occasion to write “I don’t know where Mario Lopez (email him) gets his funds…” I should have known.



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