An Irish Reader Accuses (Again) Of Being Anti-Catholic. We...Protest
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Re: James Fulford’s Article War On Christmas: Driven By CHRISTOPHOBIA—But MSM Doesn’t Recognize The Word

From: Michael Kenny [Email him]

A typical piece of “Catholic bashing”, although since it’s so transparent and flat-footed, nobody could fail to see through it, so no harm is actually done. The Pope didn’t call Christmas a charade, nor is he making war on Christmas.

And you don’t need to go any further than the bits of the article that you quote to see that. What Pope Francis called a charade is the “lights, parties, lighted Christmas trees and manger scenes”, that is to say, the exploitation of Christmas for purposes which do not reflect the Christian message of the feast. Thus, the Pope isn’t waging war on “Christmas”, he’s waging war on those who spend Christmas having a good time while all the unchristian things he lists are going on around them in the world. That’s nothing new. The Catholic Church has been saying that as long as I’ve been alive (and I’m 67!).

The phrasing of the paragraph in question is very clumsy. After “Why would the pope wage war on Christmas?” there should have been something like “He isn’t, of course”, which would have made the meaning of the quote clear. The formulation is so odd that I can’t help suspecting that the text was edited by the Post, possibly even deliberately, so as to smear the Pope ( has no monopoly on lies, disinformation and propaganda, particularly when it comes to smearing the Catholic Church!). But if you read the whole article carefully, the proper meaning becomes clear.

James Fulford writes; The Washington Post's article is called Pope Francis is waging a war on Christmas. Christians should join him, and author Christopher Jolly Hale is an American Catholic layman. I'm afraid that Hale is very much a Religious Left, post-Vatican II Catholic, which means that in 1950's Catholic terms—which weren't that different from 1550's Catholic terms—he's a Protestant. But I can't help that. 

Michael Kenny has been writing us for ten years at least, and he's always been skeptical of our bona fides. Here's part of my reply to 2012 reply to one letter:

Michael Kenny writes regularly to accuse us of being anti-Catholic, to accuse our Catholic writers of not being Catholic, to accuse our Irish correspondents of being bad Irishmen, and to accuse Athena Kerry of not existing. I didn’t bother to print his letter accusing A. W. Morgan of not being a real Catholic, I believe on the theory that no real Catholic would ever say anything bad about the Jesuits.  See, for example, his letter A Globalist Irish Luxembourger (Or Whatever) Doubts Has Readers In Italy (in which he refused to believe that a reader in Italy was actually…oh, never mind.)
In spite of all that, I'd like to wish him and all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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