An Irish Pest Insists That Evangelical German Homeschool Refugee Claimants Are "Religious Screwballs"—But So Are Muslim Refugees And No One Tries To Deport Them
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Re: Allan Wall’s article Memo From Middle America | Eric Holder’s DOJ Finds Some Foreigners It Wants To Deport—White Evangelical German Homeschoolers

From: Michael Kenny [Email him]

Allan Wall torpedoes his own point by mentioning Austria. The German family cannot possibly be refugees because of Austria. As EU citizens, they can settle freely in Austria, the language is the same, the currency is the same. In all probability, the family are religious screwballs. The photo looks totally un-European but looks very like American religious screwballs. They probably wanted to join their co-religionists in the US but for some reason, don't fulfil US legal criteria for immigration.

Previous more or less mindlessly skeptical letters from Michael Kenny involved his refusal to believe that Athena Kerry was a real person, that that pseudonymous "Finn MacCool" was really Irish, and that we could possibly have readers in Italy, although he himself was reading us in Luxembourg.

Allan Wall writes: Did Michael Kenny read the whole article or just stop at the Austria part? I specifically wrote that they could have gone to Austria and that it's not our responsibility to take in everyone.

On the other hand, why is this family being targeted by the Obama Administration? If we were taking in people based on compatibility, wouldn't we be taking in more people from Europe and the Anglosphere?

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