An Indian Student Boasts Of His Group’s High IQ—But That, If True, Is Another Reason To Restrict Immigration
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An Indian Student [Email him]

Although I tend not to agree with some of your views, I think it is horrible that there is so much censorship of White Nationalism from the Main Stream Media. Indeed, they do leave your side of the story out all the time, and it bothers me a lot.

However, that being said, I am becoming irritated with many of the Racial Right's own censorship and selection bias when it pertains to racial discrepancies.

Very few of the Racial Right, not necessarily (which is why I am writing to you), conveniently leave out that Asians demolish Whites on many of the same measures Whites outperform Blacks and Hispanics. A few of you say Northeast Asians do, and I applaud that you mention that. 

However, as an East Indian-American (South Asian), I can tell you unequivocally that whether it is regarding research or personal experience, we demolish White-Americans, too. And no, not merely in Math, Science, and Tech. 

Yet many Racial Rightists lump minorities into one group.

Bottom line: let's get this racial superiority nonsense out in the open once and for all, by measures such as IQ, education rates, crime rates, income, etc. You bring back the 300 best White Christians you've got, I'll come back with the 100 best Asians, the 100 best Jews, and the 100 best East Indians. Bet you everything I have we smoke you!!!!!!!

The anonymous writer is half-Brahmin, half-Kshatriya, and has  a graduate degree in Political Science.[See follow up letter.]

James Fulford writes:  It’s true that immigrants from India are higher in IQ than, say, Mexican immigrants, because you can’t walk to America from India.

Selection bias means that such immigrants are both high-IQ, and high caste, in Indian terms.

The lumpenproletariat of the Indian subcontinent is lower in IQ. Steve Sailer has done a lot of work on this.

However, if we do assume that Indians are brighter than Americans, that’s not a good reason to allow more of them to immigrate. I’ve said repeatedly that “skilled immigration” simply displaces a better class of American than the illegal Mexicans do.

Furthermore, Indian entrepreneurs wind up importing their sisters and their cousins and their aunts, who aren’t nearly as bright and hard-working, but can take jobs in the motels that the entrepreneurs open—jobs that could be going to Americans.

I will further add that the writer, whose name I’ve suppressed—he didn’t ask for anonymity—is apparently not bright enough to realize how much trouble he could get in by implicitly conceding the facts about the average IQ of what Steve Sailer calls non-Asian minorities.


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