An Iowa Reader Says Schumer May Have Fooled Lou Dobbs
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From: Dick Kryhoski (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Schumer Makes Nice: Meaning What?

Patrick Cleburne doesn't trust Senator Chuck Schumer's sudden embrace of proper language (e.g., using illegal aliens instead of "undocumented workers") in the immigration debate.

But Lou Dobbs may have fallen for it.

Said Dobbs on his national television program:

"Well, some remarkably honest discussion tonight on the debate over illegal immigration from what many would consider an unlikely source. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York saying straightforwardly, that illegal immigration is wrong and Americans overwhelmingly oppose illegal immigration. It is something we do not often hear in this debate from either the left or the right.

"Senator Schumer flatly rejecting euphemisms that have, well, been used by many to obfuscate the issue rather than illuminate it.

"Well, the senator is obviously trying to assert, with the good faith, honest language, and in that regard, it is something to watch as to whether or not his lead is followed. Using the word, illegal, the expression or term, illegal alien, rather than undocumented worker or migrant, as some news organizations, as well as partisans and advocates in this national debate have done.  [Transcript here]

Cleburne claims he doesn't believe in Santa Claus. But perhaps Dobbs does.

Kryhoski's previous letter about the HUD cover up of illegal immigration's role in the mortgage role is here.

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