A Whistleblower Says The SPLC Began Its Politically Correct Trainings At Federal Agencies Under The Clinton/Reno Regime
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From: "Pecos Bill" (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A New Jersey Reader Is Outraged That The SPLC Trains Federal Law Enforcement On How To Identify "Hate Crimes"

The odious SPLC got its hooks in the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center a long time ago.       

The politically correct themes favored by the SPLC began infecting training at the Center under President Bill Clinton.  Attorney General Janet Reno saw to it that all sorts of goofy "hate courses" and classes were developed and foisted on the unsuspecting. 


The bad guys in the training were overwhelmingly white males who didn't want their daughters dating or marrying blacks, revered the old confederacy, or maybe owned a gun.


These trainings cited the SPLC as a credible reference.  Additionally, SPLC handouts were provided to the students for their more "in-depth study" on personal time of such subjects as the "militia movement".   


One of the most offending agencies is U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). When you visit a CBP Port Director anywhere across the country you will likely find a copy of the SPLC Intelligencer Magazine in the office waiting area.


Recently I reviewed a number of training scenarios developed by contractors for the Border Patrol, a part of the CBP. 


In the skits all the miscreants and bums were white guys except one.  Since the scenarios portrayed actions taking place in El Paso, I challenged the contractor to change the bad guy mix and substitute Hispanics for whites.


I was told to leave.


"Pecos Bill" lives in the southeastern United States.

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