An Alabama Reader Has Noble Plans For His Stimulus Check—Donate It To VDARE.COM!
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From: Hugh McInnish (e-mail him)

I don't know whether it's genuine history as told by learned scholars or just wartime lore, but the story is this:  Before World War II we sent loads of scrap iron to Japan. 

They then melted it, formed it into bullets, and shot them at us at Pearl Harbor. Later, as depicted in a movie, the pilot of a Japanese Zero said over his radio to the American pilot he was shooting at, "Get a load of that scrap iron you sent us, Yank." 

Well now we are in the present, not the dim days of the War. And I'm preparing to play the role of the wicked Japanese pilot.

I am a mature citizen of a certain age. A few days ago Barack Obama's Social Security Abteilung sent out notices to me and others like me that we each would be receiving a gift of $250, apparently a part of the grand stimulus plan. 

I have decided that I will send my largess to VDARE.COM to help in the counterattack against the Obama amnesty initiative.

And when I do I will dispatch a message by telepathy to Obama, saying "Get a load of that stimulus money you sent us, Barack!"

McInnish is a consulting engineer and publisher of His VDARE.COM archive is here.

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