An Iowa Reader Calls Religious Left's Postville Showboating "Disgusting"
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From: Leroy Wheat (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: An Iowa Reader Tells Postville's Side Of The Immigration Raids—Since The MSM Won't!

One the one-year anniversary of the Agriprocessors' immigration arrests, hypocritical religious leaders raced to Iowa to protest federal immigration laws that they claim tear families apart.

Disgusting show boaters! That's the best—and only—way to describe them.

According to Ralston H. Deffenbaugh, the president of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Baltimore, MD.

"The ICE raid in Postville is yet another example of the harsh environment of fear that immigrants — documented and undocumented — now face, especially since the collapse of comprehensive immigration reform. Our immigration law is badly broken and desperately needs reform.

"Most of those taken into custody are honest, hard-working people just trying to make a living. As a result of the raid, families have been torn apart, children have been traumatized, and a diverse community that was once thriving is now in complete upheaval."

I can't help but wonder where Deffenbaugh, a "human rights" lawyer, and his pious allies were for all the years that the Postville plant criminally violated child labor laws, wage standards and federal safety regulations.

The problem is not that immigration laws were enforced in Postville but that they were but that they were enforced years too late.

Wheat's previous letter about why another phony— Rigoberta Menchu— should stay out of Postville is here. Also read the extensive VDARE.COM archive about the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service here.

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