An Iowa Reader Still Waiting For Agriprocessors` Sholom Rubashkin To Apologize
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From: The Dubuque Observer (e-mail him)

Sholom Rubashkin, Agriprocessors' jailed Chief Executive Officer, owned the Postville, Iowa kosher meat-processing plant raided in 2008 for immigration law violations.

Rubashkin, an Orthodox Jew, is held in the Dubuque County law enforcement center without bail because of the possibility of his flight to Israel under the Law of Return. [Jewish groups object to federal claim in Iowa case , By Nigel Duara, Chicago Tribune, January 13, 2009]

In order to protest the so-called religious discrimination against Rubashkin, a group of Orthodox rabbis came to Dubuque to demonstrate in front of the jail.

The Rabbis and their lawyer claim that to deny Rubashkin bail is unconstitutional and unprecedented. Their pursuit of what they view as religious persecution matter may extend to the highest levels of the Justice Department. See the Rabbis' news conference here.

Did the Rabbis publicly state their sorrow for the mistreatment of Agriprocessors' illegal alien workers, the identity theft from innocent citizens, the displacement of American workers and the impact on their families or Rubashkin's millions of dollars of bank loan fraud?

No, of course they didn't.

And if you doubt whether Rubashkin is a flight risk, he was arrested twice, released the first time, then the second time apprehended with his passport, suitcase and a large sum of cash on his person.

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