An Indian Reader Writes On MSM Coverage Of White Supremacy And Decries The Sikh Caste System
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From: "An Indian-American Reader" [Email him]

I find the news stories extremely biased against Whites while at the same time shamelessly fawning towards the Sikhs.While this is clearly a sad moment because innocent civilians have died, Satwant Singh Kaleka [ Note: The Sikh Temple President who died fighting back against the gunman.] was an upper caste Jat Sikh.

The upper caste Sikhs, the Khatris, Brahmins and Jats, believe they are a superior race, a superior group with in the Sikh religion.

These upper caste Sikhs persecute, oppress and openly discriminate against the outcast (Dalit) Sikhs.

The outcaste or Dalit Sikhs are most cruelly trampled upon and rejected from the wider Sikh community as lower races. 

The Upper caste Sikh women are strongly discouraged from inter-marrying with lower or out-caste Sikhs of India. The lower caste Sikhs have their own Gurdwaras (Sikh Temples).

So it is a little unfair to blame "White Supremacists" while completely omitting or white washing Sikh barbarism.

In 2009, Upper Caste Sikhs brutally massacred lower caste Sikhs in Austria.  These stories are always flashed briefly and then quickly suppressed. See Brawl in Austrian Sikh temple spurs India riots,, June 25, 2011.

See a previous letter from the same reader.

James Fulford writes: Americans don’t realize how racist other countries, and other religions, are.

 If you object,  purely on principle,  to people who classify other people on basis of race, then you should be as suspicious of someone for being a member of a Sikh, Hindu, or Japanese Shinto temple as you are of a member of white power band.

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