A Washington State Reader Has More On John Boehner
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Re:Patrick Cleburne's article LaTourette Achievement: Speaker Boehner Explains Why Speaker Boehner Has To Go

From: Robin Corkery (e-mail him)

Boehner long ago lost sight of principle in favor of "pragmatism".  At a reception for my Congresswoman Cathy McMorris  Rodgers, I heard Boehner inveigh against what he called "knuckle-draggers".  There was no doubt he was talking about members who insisted on government getting serious about its duty to protect our borders.

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James Fulford writes:Steve Latourette applied the same epithet—"knuckle-draggers”—to Tea Party influenced candidates “that came in in the last election that hate taxes.”[Rep. LaTourette Tells Transit Advocates to Ask Congress for What They Need, by Tanya Snyder, DC.StreetsBlog.org, March 16, 2011]

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