An Indian-American Reader Says We're Biased; James Fulford Replies
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From: "Raj" (email him)

Re: Ray Perez's Letter A Retired Electrical Engineer Says Indian Nationals Exude A "Holier-Than-Thou" Attitude Toward Their American Colleagues—With No Good Reason

I am not sure I understand your editorial intent/goals at all. I would like to point out a letter from reader Ray Perez and articles by Brenda Walker about Indians in general.

Are these folks speaking from experience? Or are they repeating comments they have randomly picked up about Indians in the workplace or in society?

As an Indian American, I find this type of constant and negative ethnic bias distasteful and a bit boring. Rather than attack liberalism and the ideas of entitlement that it brings, many a writer on VDARE.COM tends to launch tirades against non-Whites, bemoaning the browning of America, equating all the ills that face this country to one or two simple-minded "demographic observations and trends".

VDARE.COM's hypocrisy, in allowing such attacks on Indians or Mexicans, or Islam, is mind-boggling. Replace the words "Indian/Mexican/Islamic" with say "Jewish", "black", or "Christian" in your letters/articles and see how long before the ACLU or NAACP, or the JDL or ADL, let you operate as a free-standing website.

Shame on you for perpetuating the myth that all Indians are somehow backward, just because their country is not as advanced as some others. Maybe the Irish endured the same scorn at the time of the great Potato famine induced exodus. Maybe the Italians did so too. I know Germans and Japanese had their fair share of abuse heaped on them.

But who remembers all that now? It's open season on the newcomers today. The abused become the abusers, and if history is any guide, this destructive cycle will continue in America.

James Fulford writes: "Raj"'s line "Replace the words 'Indian/Mexican/Islamic' with say 'Jewish', 'black', or 'Christian' in your letters/articles and see how long before the ACLU or NAACP, or the JDL or ADL let you operate as a free-standing website," suggests 1) that he's not a careful reader (we've commented on all the named groups from different angles) and 2) that he has little idea how freedom of speech works. In America, none of those groups can shut down a "free standing website" (so far), especially one that's not dependent on advertisers, but on reader donations.

We also are not moved by the plea that previous waves of immigration inspired criticism. Such criticism was frequently justified, and led to the passage of the 1924 Immigration Act, which gave the earlier waves time to assimilate.

As for the possibility that this "destructive cycle will continue in America," our answer is: "Not if there's an immigration moratorium."

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