A "Native American Rights Activist" Demands James Fulford Be Fired; He Replies
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08/09/10 - An Indian-American Reader Says We're Biased; James Fulford Replies

From: "Devin Adams" (email him )

Re: Thanksgiving: The National Question Footnote, et cetera]

I happened upon your site through a link my friend sent me. Now I am not outright declaring your site as a subversive racist hate site, but look, I am just starting with this author you sponsor, James Fulford.

 I don't know him—I have not read everything he has written—but out of the multiple articles I have read of his, I do believe that there is enough racist material and otherwise ignorant info that he has supplied in his articles that he should either be removed all together or he should re-write everything that has anything that is not fact-based.

He has the nerve to say that you can find out credible info on NATIVE AMERICANS from watching old western videos: "Of course, Native American history has a darker side as well. Scalpings, cannibalism, torture, et cetera. See any Western movie made before 1967. "[Thanksgiving: The National Question Footnote]

Unless this happened to be an actual source that is national-credited or government-credited, then THAT IS BOGUS BULLSH*T. I am not saying that there are not dark sides to my people's past, but stating that old western movies is a credible way to see it isn't right. Those movies where made in an era where there was still a lot of racism towards Native Americans, made from a viewpoint that was not exactly nice and truthful about Native American tradition. So, yeah, read up on your facts.

I am not against your site—all the more power to you and anyone who wants to get out what they feel is right, hey,  it's the beauty of the freedom of speech. But, look, you need to have your writers write facts, not fiction.  

I am of mixed NATIVE AMERICAN and IRISH blood. I myself am a NATIVE AMERICAN rights activist and it would be appreciated if such info was removed from your articles. Such ignorant and racial slanderizing should never be permitted.

James Fulford writes: The link on cannibalism, above, actually does cite a "government credited" source on pre-Columbian cannibalism —the Voice of America. I am aware that movies are fiction, but I could equally have said "see any American history book written before 1950". And either a John Ford movie or a pre-political correctness textbook will provide a better picture of Indian massacres and atrocities than Dances With Wolves or the textbooks now in schools.

Once again, we have a writer who thinks that anything that he calls "racist" will be removed from our site, along with its author (me.) Of course, it's a fact that the MSM operates this way, and we've seen people fired as result of pressure like this.

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