A Reader Wonders If Assimilation Is Happening
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05/23/07 - A Russian Reader Says Not To Worry—The Children Are Assimilating

Re: A Russian Reader Says Not To Worry—The Children Are Assimilating

From: K. Bailey

I'm glad the Russian reader on 5/23/07 does not worry about the future, but I too live in Texas (in the Dallas area) and do not see a lot of foreign-speaking adults with English-speaking children in tow.

As a matter of fact, the amount of bilingual signage in the area has seemed to increase rather than decrease. My daughter who attends middle school has children in some of her classes who can not speak English at all.

Why are tax dollars being wasted supporting the education of children who can neither read nor write in English? Why is my daughter's education suffering because time is spent attempting to translate the curriculum to those who do not learn our language?

Most of all, why do foreigners who make a conscious decision to illegally move to another country expect the citizens of that country to assimilate to their culture when it should be the other way around? I did not move to Mexico, why should I be forced to learn Spanish? As our government continues to cater to the illegal invaders, it is looking more and more like that will become a necessity. 

James Fulford writes: The problem here is numbers. An immigrant can assimilate, and needs to learn English to do so. An immigrant child in an American school will learn English by osmosis.

What's happening here is something different—it's called colonization. A colony of Mexicans, or Somalians, or whatever, doesn't need to assimilate, and if they all go to the same school, how or why would they learn English?

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