A Reader Provides A Rhetorical Answer To A Rhetorical Question About Joe Sobran
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10/07/10 - A Reader Wonders If The Village Voice Is Going Insane

From: Thomas McCarthy (e-mail him)

Re: A Reader Finds More Interest In The Death Of A "Degenerate Comedian" Than Of Joe Sobran

I understand that, when Scott Wilson wrote "What is one to make of such a culture?", he was asking a rhetorical question. Permit me a so-to-speak rhetorical answer: those who provided Google with the raw material that your search yielded—the press barons, their employees, and their epigones—have far more in common with Giraldo than with Sobran. So much the worse for us, at least for those among us that haven't yet discerned that our "culture" is degenerate and traitorous in large part because degenerates and traitors run it.

Not coincidentally, I thank Wilson and VDARE.COM for providing the link to those precious fourteen hits, even though some of them in turn link to the words of Establishment scribblers who slander Joe, whether for the first or the thirtieth time. Unfortunately, the Washington Post, the New York Times, nor any other MSM venue of ambulatory microbial life has seen fit to explain in a headnote that de mortuis nil nisi bonum now only applies to people who accept the legitimacy of the New and Improved America and reject the concept of moral equivalence.

May Joe Sobran now be enjoying the sight of God, and may you and I do the same at some future date.

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