An Illinois Paleoconservative Has Lost All Faith In Ted Cruz
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Kelly_cruz[1]Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz

Re: Brenda Walker's blog item Federal Judge Blocks Executive Amnesty

From: An Illinois Paleoconservative [Email him]

Fox News has been all over the federal judge blocking Obama's amnesty and had many commentators on the subject. My favorite and the most well-versed is Judge Napolitano. But Megyn Kelly also interviewed Senator Ted Cruz, 2016 Presidential hopeful.[]

At first Cruz sounded good. He was happy about the decision and also talked how it would effect the question of not funding DHS based on defunding Obamnesty—which is now deemed illegal.

He then said “Outside of Washington there is bipartisan support of stronger border protection”. Then he killed any hope I had for him as a true patriot and revealed his true GOP colors by saying, "Also, outside of Washington I see strong bipartisan support for streamlining legal immigration."

Yes—he said streamlining legal immigration! That means fast tracking amnesty—only in a Republican way.

So he is a GOP member with great rhetoric and is only playing the Patriot game. Pathetic!

He even said immigration reform can be done but the President only wants it his way without doing it lawfully. In other words—“Give the Republicans time to push their version through congress!”

After that interview I have no confidence in that man.

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