A Florida Reader Points Out What Obama's Tax Forgiveness May Mean For Off-The-Books Employers: Severe Fines!
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From: Delmar Jackson [Email him]

If Obama allows illegals to file for back taxes at jobs they worked off the books, then the government will be fining ALL of those businesses severely. This may make future hiring of illegals extremely unpopular. I don't see anyone addressing this happy turn of events.

Letter Re: IRS to Pay Back-refunds to Illegal Immigrants Who Didn’t Pay Taxes

n the article titled, IRS to Pay Back-refunds to Illegal Immigrants Who Didn’t Pay Taxes” by The Washington Times, raised a red flag to me. As a CPA, I try to look out for my clients so that they do not get in any trouble, but the quote below opened my mind to a problem that is coming.

The article stated, “Under the new program, if you get a Social Security number and you work, you’ll be eligible to apply for the Earned Income Tax Credit,” Mr. Koskinen said.

He said that would apply even “if you did not file” taxes, as long as the illegal immigrant could “demonstrate having worked off-the-books during those years.”

This might make you mad that the illegals get a refund. However, read the statement, “…could demonstrate having worked off-the-books…” If the illegals show they worked off the books, the full wrath of the IRS will be coming upon the businesses or people who paid the illegals and did NOT withhold or match payroll taxes.[More]

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