An Alaska Reader Points Out Why Defunding Is Important
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Re: James Fulford's blog post Judge Blocks Obamnesty Work Permits, Media Investigates Judge

From: Ryan Kennedy (e-mail him)

Click to read the decisionI was listening to Rush Limbaugh on the topic of Obama's amnesty and the recent decision out of Texas. A caller made some good observations. She was an attorney and said that the Judge Hanen's ruling [read online] quite clearly found that Obama was defying Congress's will.

But she said if Congress appropriates money in the DHS bill to carry out Obama's rolling amnesty, then this could give other courts the argument that the president is not defying Congress because Congress itself is colluding in this by appropriating money for Obama's program.

The point is, it's very important that Congress not fund this. Write your Senators and Congressmen who are good on this issue with this point!

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