"Deferred Action" Amnesty ploy: MSM averts eyes
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I rushed to Google News this morning to see who in the MSM had reported the letter to President Obama by eight Republican Senators, asking him undertake not to sneak in an amnesty by using the ”Deferred Action” subterfuge, as has been reported he may.

Answer: still no one. ”Deferred Action” as a search term does produce President Obama Wants $600 Million More for U.S.-Mexican Border Jack Tapper ABCNEWS.com June 22 2010 but only because a public-spirited party called ”pauldia” posted a comment raising the matter. Otherwise, it is a simple piece of Obama-protection.

Pauldia wrote

CAREFUL, Classic Obama bait and switch. Please see the action he plans. …tighten border and next step sign order for "deferred action" or parole to an entire group... Please see the June 21 2010 letter from seven Republican Senators warning Obama about his scheme

What a classic example of the MSM’s lack of integrity!

Patriots need to get busy on the MSM comment threads.

FAIR and CIS also need to take time off from counting their voluminous grant revenues and start covering this matter. No sign yet. (NumbersUSA therefore deserves the more credit for prominently posting Comprehensive Amnesty Threat yesterday afternoon.)

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