In France, Malaise Tops the Dish
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French President Jacques Chirac has complained vaguely of his country's "profound malaise" regarding the current unrest, but we culturists can be more precise about the cause, namely the bonehead choices France made regarding immigration a few decades ago.

Interestingly, French leaders thought they were getting "cheap" labor, which would conveniently self-deport when the post-war rebuilding was finished. Au contraire, as we have seen. Furthermore, a pro-Arab tilt was announced in 1967 by Charles De Gaulle for political reasons of the moment.

As a result, France is now petri dish #1 demonstrating how destructive culturally inappropriate immigration can be. The French mix has blended the worst of both worlds — the impatient materialism of the west combined with the misogyny and Muslim hatred for anything deemed unIslamic.

Remember Ayatollah Khomeini declared, "There is no fun in Islam." (Like we haven't noticed!)

Take France's spineless response to polygamy, which was made illegal in 1993. But today somewhere between 150,000 and 400,000 persons live in polygamous households in France. Turning a blind eye to polygamy has created toxic housing situations because of families with dozens of people crammed into monogamy-sized flats.

In fact, France's appeasement on multi-wifing may be at least somewhat at fault for the ongoing civil unrest. Consider this item ["France's black anger"]:

Experts who work with France's black community point to a different kind of family breakdown. Sonia Imloul of Respect 93, a non-governmental organization, says one of the biggest problems is polygamy, and cites the example of one family she knows with one father, four wives and thirty children, all living in the same standard 4-room apartment of French public housing.

"The kids sleep in shifts, and when others are asleep, they are on the streets because there is nowhere else to go," she says, adding the new curfew imposed under the government's state of emergency regulations is simply adding to the pressure.

Forget about jihad against the west, those "disaffected youth" are just grumpy from not getting enough sleep!

But seriously, the loss in the quality of life for average French is not shown so much in the daily Car-B-Q stats (down to a mere 215 on Monday) as in the decreasing freedom in activities previously considered normal. ["French Losing Patience"]

"We wanted to decorate our store with big, gift-wrapped boxes for the Christmas season, but we don't dare. They might set fire to them," said Nathalie Normand, a clerk at an eastern Paris toy store.

"After 5 or 6 at night, most women won't go out on the streets," she added. "I won't drive my car to work now because I'm afraid they'll burn it when I drive home."

Has multiculturalism been declared dead yet?

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