An Idaho Reader Says Maybe The West Isn't So Dead After All
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From: Steven Keely (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Reader In India Says The West Is Dead

Exactly three years ago, letter writer Adnan Khan had this to say about America:

"The old whites will sit on the fence and say, 'I remember when whites ruled,' and the Chinese and Indian men will laugh and ask, 'When was this?'

"Well don't worry. You had your time. I am I writing this from my mansion in India.

"I got a job from some American who was incredibly ignorant and miserably inadequate at accounting.

"I have no respect for Americans anymore. What was once a great culture built on learning and decency has nothing but a bunch of ignorant immoral morons. Such is your fate."

It seemed his gloating was overdone. Yet his premise, at the time, appeared true though not to the point of game-set-match Khan felt to be fact.

Things look different today.

Even before the Mumbai terror attacks, I wondered how one could invest confidently in the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China.) 

What hedges are there against the increasingly large risks of instability in those countries? [Mumbai Attack Undermines India's Political, Economic Confidence, by Bibhudatta Pradhan and James Rupert, Bloomberg.Com, December 1, 2008]

The history of "Chaostan" serves us potent warnings: more dangers lie ahead when combined with worldwide economic turmoil for at least the next decade.

Keely splits his time between Boise and Seattle, Washington. His previous letter about Roger Cardinal Mahony is here.

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