A Missouri Reader Says Show Me About Euphemisms
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Re: Homosexual Rape Doesn't Prove Attacker Is Gay

From: U.G. Sullivan in Missouri

With all due respect to M. Hayden Sutherland, homosexual rape makes the attacker gay, just as being in this country illegally makes one an illegal alien.

It is just this kind of semantic hair-splitting that makes a confusing mess of every important issue of our time.

A person who engages in homosexuality is gay. This is true regardless of their "partner's" willingness. Being artistic, musical, a good cook, or attuned to the finer points of interior design does not make one gay. Only the act of same-gender sex makes one gay.

Being a good dad, who really-really-really loves America, and definitely needs a job, does not make one "undocumented" or my "guest," if that person came into this country without its consent. It makes one an illegal alien.

A person who enters a country against its will is, necessarily, an illegal alien. A person who enters a person of the same gender against that person's will is, necessarily, a gay rapist.

And the argument that a person who only acts in a violently homosexual manner some of the time is not "gay," is as flawed an argument as claiming that so-and-so is not a "murderer," because he only killed one person in his life, and didn't kill everybody else the rest of the time.

We cannot afford to obscure the real issues by playing little games with words.

P.S. Yes, even in prison, it still makes you gay if you have sex with other men ... even if they are not willing.

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