An Environmentalist Reader Protests
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Re: Michelle Malkin’s column The High Priests of Eco-Destruction

From: Michael Rich [email him

How can you ignore the vast scholarly evidence that supports the effects of human activity on our planet? Do you believe that half of China's rivers  are severely polluted? Or that one quarter of all mammals on the earth are threatened? Or to be more specific the American Little Brown Bat is about to go extinct? There is so much evidence of the devastation, from educated scholars and revered institutions I suggest you READ before adding to Mother Earth's wanton destruction by chastising the pathetic, powerless green movement. One more thing, look up the Texas sized floating plastic garbage island in the Pacific that a lie or a green fabrication? Shame on you!

Terms like "green theocracy" used by Michelle Malkin imply a punishing agenda by our government on behalf of nature and the wild...nothing could be further from the truth. The earth's environment is being soiled and destroyed on such a massive scale that disparaging movements to halt the devastation is irresponsible. We have won the war on wildlife and the winning portends incalculable loss.

Peter Brimelow writes: The column the reader is objecting to is a Michelle Malkin syndicated column. We don’t get to edit them. Environmentalists  should write to her directly. is a coalition united only on the issue of reducing immigration.  We run Michelle because she is one of the few MSM voices that agree. Obviously, population growth is the key source of degradation in the US  and we have many environmentalist readers and writers.

But I’m afraid friction does occur.

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