A Suspicious Reader Asks If Limbaugh Planned The Whole Thing
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Re: Limbaugh Turning Away Penitent Advertisers-The Dogs DO Like It

From: Dave [Email him]

Perhaps I am being overly imaginative, but could this be a planned PR move by Limbaugh? Remember that Limbaugh did PR work for a professional sports organization. From that, and his broadcasting activities, his knowledge of PR techniques must be profound. While his radio audience is large (~ 20 Mil.), perhaps it is stagnant and aging, two warning signs.

 I heard some of Limbaugh's defamcast while driving; his attack seemed irrelevant to the issue he was trying to address.

In retrospect, it occurs to me that there might have been a hidden agenda.   In any event, Limbaugh remains irrelevant to the key issues that affect (and effect) America and Western civilization.

James Fulford writes: You are being overly imaginative. Limbaugh’s criticism of Ms. Fluke may have been sexist, but it wasn’t unusually so for him, and there’s no way he could make the media have this tantrum, or make the President of the United States call Sandra Fluke on the telephone.

In the meantime, other companies that cancelled Limbaugh are suffering. Carbonite online backup saw its stock price take a hit. One commenter wrote “Ironically, Carbonite lacked a back up plan…” 


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