An Engineering Student Asks If Hollywood Will Come To The Rescue Of The Narrative In Ferguson
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's article Ferguson Fiasco Exposes Ruling Class’s Relentless Anti-White Agenda

From: An Anonymous Engineering Student [Email him]

Even though the Democrats are determined to "die on this hill" as James Kirkpatrick has said, I do not think they are as vulnerable as we think. When it comes to race and history, Hollywood completely has the Democrats' back. As we've seen repeatedly, when the facts do not fit the desired history... Hollywood just creates new history via the revisionist film industry.

The full list of race hoax films is rather lengthy, but past films dealing with black race issues are known to be between "inaccurate" and "a wild fairy tales." Roots has been totally discredited as a product of Alex Haley's fevered imagination. But I watched Roots on the History Channel back in middle school, when the fabrications were already widespread knowledge. The same goes for the Civil War film Glory, and the film Red Tails. We can look forward this Christmas Day to zero facts whatsoever in the upcoming Selma film.[See Selma to Montgomery, 30 Years Later | Events that have entered the mythology of racial heroism were not as they are usually described, by Marian Evans, American Renaissance, May 1995]

This got me to thinking—will Hollywood make "Ferguson", and totally whitewash the facts behind what truly happened to the convenience store owner? Will Mike Brown be portrayed by a baby faced, scrawny teen boy? Will Officer Darren Wilson be portrayed as a psychotic bully with a gun and a badge? Will the riots be portrayed as peace marches being crushed Tiananmen Square-style? Or will the black riots simply be memory-holed?

This is a common propaganda tactic Hollywood uses, of using the raw, visceral imagery of a motion picture film to serve as the "last word" on a contentious matter.

I don't see why Hollywood wouldn't at least try it. What have they got to lose by running it up the flagpole and seeing if people salute?

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