A Paleoconservative Fireman Is Grateful For Many Gifts
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From: An Illinois Paleoconservative [Email him]

On this Thanksgiving I'm thankful that I'm a married white male! A Father of several children! A paleoconservative with a backbone and a brain! A career as a Fireman and a Paramedic! And a loving white paleoconservative wife! How could I not be thankful?!

Of course it sucks having to move my kids to avoid the ever increasing problems of illegals and blacks but the increased taxes and loss of property value during sale is one I gladly accept for them! My kids mean the world to me and as many problems as they can dish out they are not a Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown, so I am thankful!

My career as a Fireman is great. I love my job. I don't work in a gigantic metro area where dark skin and no skills equals a job. Most Fire Departments now require an associate’s degree and or a Paramedic license. Both weed out the affirmative action BS and keep us working with qualified and talented individuals. For this I am thankful!

I take no BS from friend or foe when it comes to my firm Paleoconservative beliefs! I've stood my ground against many of family members in the past. Most didn't grow up in Chicago like I did but in lily white areas of the Midwest. They don't know any better until later in life when they watch the diversification happen. Then they admit lack of understanding or show a quiet slide to the right. For this I am thankful!

And last but absolutely not least my beautiful white wife! She, most importantly, has given me the best gift ever, my kids! She also stayed home to raise them while taking classes at night, afternoons and weekends! She then went onto get her degree and is now in a career. She is successful as a mother and strong contributor of society! Her backbone is as strong and sometimes stronger than mine. For this I am thankful!

Everything I am thankful for was gained by hard work, sweat, tears, back-breaking physicality, denial of instant/cheap gratification, efficiency, and the work ethic of a higher civil standard! Nothing was asked for or given to us. And for this I'm thankful to be white!

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