An Engineer Writes On A Mass Shooting In A Florida Black Neighborhood Where Many Of The Wounded Can’t Be Bothered To Press Charges
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From: Anonymous Engineer [Email him]

A trend I have noticed over the past few years in the Mainstream Media organs, is the canard that white males are latent, murderous psychopaths who  are predisposed to commit mass shootings. This canard of course, flies in the face of monolithic evidence of the exact opposite: the homicidal derangement of young black males aged 15 to 34.

About a week ago, there were  BREAKING NEWS stories about a shooting that took place in the parking lot of an establishment known as Club Blu Bar and Grill in Fort Myers, Florida.

And then the major media organs, in lockstep, fell silent.

It appeared this shooting, just like will eventually happen to the Orlando Pulse shooting, was being memory-holed.

So I started digging. As an engineer, I enjoy problem solving, and so these "fill in the gaps in the media's lies of omission" problems are actually kind of fun (in moderation).

From the NYT article:

"Two teenagers were killed and at least 18 people were wounded early Monday when attackers raked a crowd with gunfire outside a nightclub here that had been hosting a party for young people, the authorities said.

Witnesses said multiple gunmen opened fire at about 12:30 a.m. outside the nightclub, Club Blu, in a palm-tree-lined strip mall in this southwestern Florida city."

Shooting at Nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida, Leaves 2 Teenagers Dead

By Lizette Alvarez And Richard Pérez-Peña, July 25, 2016

While not conclusive by itself, this statement automatically made me suspect everyone involved was black. Letting unsupervised teenagers hang out around past midnight at a nightclub is not white middle class parenting behavior - but it is definitely unwed black mother parenting behavior.

The original flyer advertising the party has only black people in it. The party was a "glow in the dark swimsuit party," featuring a variety of hip-hop performers. As an added bonus, as prominently noted on the advertisement, no ID would be required!

Other statistics point towards blacks as the perps. From the 2010 Census results on Wikipedia, Fort Myers is plurality-black (40%), with Hispanics second (32%), and whites third (30%).

Both of those shot to death were young black males. The relatives of everyone associated with the shooting, from the few photographs present in the mainstream media, are all black.

The club itself lost its liquor license at least once, and residents of the area complained that:

"...the area had been troubled by drug dealing and violence."

That understates the problems in Fort Myers. According to the FBI:

"Fort Myers, with about 68,000 residents, is a fast-growing city with big-city problems, including gang violence and a high rate of poverty. Its rates of homicide and overall violent crime, according to F.B.I. reports, are about triple the national average."

The circumstantial evidence continues to mount that the perpetrators are all young black males.

Digging elsewhere reveals highly-likely-to-be-black names of those arrested:

"Derrick Church, 19, of Fort Myers; Tajze Battle, 22, of Fort Myers and Demetrius O’Neal, 19, of Lehigh Acres were arrested. The men appeared in court on Tuesday morning." 3 men arrested after deadly Fort Myers nightclub shooting, WFLA, July 26, 2016,

There are reported to be five shooters, and thus two are still at large.

The idea that the missing two shooters are white seems extremely unlikely, considering that the overwhelming majority black murders are perpetrated by young black males. Furthermore, multi-racial gangs, as Steve Sailer has noted, are a Hollywood concoction, and for the most part don't exist in reality. Statistically, the idea that two Asians perpetrated this shooting alongside three blacks is patently absurd. Terrorism was ruled out early in the investigation.

More than half of the shooting victims have chosen to withdraw their criminal complaints. Locals of course, blame the withdrawals on distrust of the police.

Despite my digging, I could not find any photographs of the accused. None of what I read ever described the attackers as "black" or "African-American."

We are living in The Truman Show.


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