An AZ Reader Wonders Why Everyone But The Authorities Knew Who Killed Chandra
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From: Rob Sanchez (email him)

Re: Today's Letter: "A SC Reader Notes Sam Francis Solved Chandra Levy Case Years Ago"

Going through very old issues of Human Events that are destined for the trash, what did I stumble upon?! It was an issue of the publication dated June 3, 2002 (issue Vol. 58, No. 21) and plastered across the front is that bold title! "Who Let Ingmar In?"

It would seem that everyone, but the feds, D.C. Police and "Mainstream Media" our clueless elites knew who took the life of Ms. Levy.

Kevin Lamb Responds: I recall assembling that week's issue of Human Events as the new managing editor. HE Editor Terry Jeffrey wrote the Ingmar cover story. Like Sam Francis, Jeffrey suspected Guandique of killing Chandra Levy. (This memorable period, when a bond of camaraderie existed among the HE editors, was well before $PLC'S Heidi Beirich decided to 'reach out and touch someone', see here.)

This tragic episode reveals it isn't just that Guandique was an illegal alien. Had Guandique entered the U.S. legally, establishment conservatives would never have mentioned Guandique.

Moral of the story: the U.S. should be more selective and restrictive when scrutinizing immigrants. Guandigue shouldn't have been in the U.S. period, legally or illegally.

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