A Latino Reader Rejects The Illegals-For-Guns Trade Proposal
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From: Jesus Manuel Pena (email him)

Re: "A WA Reader Proposes A Trade With Mexico: Stop The Illegal Immigration And We'll Stop The Guns"

Another stupid proposal, typical from readers and writers on VDARE.COM. If you can't stop the Mexican-poor Indians from crossing into the U.S., and not only that, but making a living and getting many freebees, how will you stop the illegal gun trading to Mexico?

The fact that your letter was posted indicates once again the xenophobia and racism of VDARE.COM. The editor should be proud of your idea that Mexico's problem is its citizens. Mexico's problem is that the U.S. is full of drug addicts, buying illegal drugs from Mexico.

In summary, you can't stop sh*t, my racist friend...it's the power of the market, but you wouldn't understand. Maybe your Italian cowboy friend could help you understand, but I doubt he will, he is making a good living from VDARE.COM, so don't stop the xenophobia train!

VDARE.com  replies:  Mexico ranks 3rd out of 49 countries in terms of homicides and 8th out of 50 countries for all crimes. The violence that plagues many lawless areas in Mexico does not stop at the U.S. southern border:  major urban areas in the U.S. now have established task forces on "violent gangs".  U.S. citizens have the right to protect their communities from becoming Third World sink holes.

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